What are the Benefits of a Business Certification?

Business certifications are available in several fields, and no matter what your field, there are also more general management and leadership certifications you can pursue. While earning these certifications is difficult and in some cases expensive, it’s well worth your time to at least consider these options, since there are several benefits to having a certification.

Finding a Job

The first and most obvious benefit to a business certification is that it will help you get a job in your field. In some cases, this is required in order to get a job or in order to get any job beyond an entry-level position. In most cases, you might not need to earn certifications to get a job, but doing so will definitely help you. It boosts your resume, putting you to the top of a pile because you’ve proven your skills in the field. With so many people out of work and looking for a job these days, every little bit helps, especially if you do not yet have lots of experience.

Getting a Promotion

In order to be promoted, some employers need to see certain certifications. A certification, in some cases, allows you to legally take on more responsibilities in a company, so if you aren’t certified, an employer may not be able to justify promoting you, even if you’re doing a good job. The good news is this: some employers will actually pay for you to get certified by providing training courses, helping with tuition for outside courses, paying the exam fees, and more. It can’t hurt to ask, especially if your employer is in need of more qualified employees, even if they’re a small business with little cash flow.

Earning More Money

Last, but certainly not least, earning more money is possible if you have certifications. People with more education usually automatically earn a higher starting salary than employees with no formal training in the field. Certifications show that you’ve had training and demonstrated skills in this area, so you’re worth more to an employer. As we talked about, certifications also allow you to be promoted, and promotions typically come attached to a higher paycheck. So, if you want to make more money in your field, consider pursuing certification.

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